Maison "Loki" Weiss (born Maison Hideki Weiss; February 19th, 20XX ) is an American talk show host and internet celebrity known for his Californian radio station 104.2 and his personal app that airs his shows and his affiliates shows. His main show, "Tale of Loki," airs every four to five hours and lasts in between his song choices.

Early Life

Maison was born in Huntington Beach, California and later raised in Hesperia, California. He led a pretty quiet and simple life until his mother and biological divorced when he was age four. He grew up to be fifteen until his mother remarried his current step-mother, Leila. He and his mother took her surname.

Early Show Days

Maison used to have his own small comedy show each morning for school and he only grew on from there. He ended up streaming games when he was younger, using streaming sites as a little comedy and talkshow outlet since it was something he was really interested in.

Current Life

Heading up the ladder, Maison started to star on small tv shows and radio stations, ending up taking the spotlight from the lot with his comedy and charm. He swooned his ways into so many people's hearts and worked hard enough to get how own show, and eventually his own station. "104.2 LOKI," and talk show on it.

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